Mediabank is a team of students who make digital products for the faculty of social sciences and humanities, and share them in social media channels. Students come on work placements or spend time voluntarily. Sometimes we have paid work too ;)

Team: Pen Lister, Chris Lane, Ebraheem Hashem, Sacha Goodoy, Farhaan Dulloo, Suraj Sandhu, Jennifer Ajila.

mediabank: showcase

We are Mediabank. We make video, audio, design and imagery. Here's some of our work.
Voxpop, class video and motion graphic trailers. Email us:

Image Slideshows from Aldgate and Holloway Hubs, by Suraj Sandhu, Mediabank 2014

Aldgate Holloway

Video vox pop by Jennifer, Farhaan and Sacha. Motion graphics by Jennifer, Farhaan, some font work by Suraj, video mixes by Pen, blipvert by Farhaan.